Based on Specified Commercial Transaction Law
Company NameGmom Corporation
Operational SupervisorYuji Imai

Daisan Hashino Bld.5F
1957 Daitakubo Minami-ward Saitama-city, Saitama-pref Japan

Phone Number048-711-5621
Sales URL
Methods of PaymentCredit Card
Carrier Billing
Bank transfer
Convenience store payment
Subject to BASE rules, etc.
Additional ChargesSubject to BASE Rules
Number of Products PurchasedFrom a single box
Payment PeriodSubject to BASE Rules
Expected Duration of DeliveryItems will be shipped within 3 business days after ordering, unless a specific date is specified.
Method of DeliveryOnce the BASE purchase is complete, delivery will be handled by Japan Post.
Regarding Returns/Defective ProductsIn cases of “Incorrect Products/Product Problems” all costs will be the responsibility of Gmom.
In cases where damage occurs during delivery, please contact Gmom directly as soon as possible.
In such cases, both the shipping and handling fees will reimbursed as soon as possible at Gmom’s expense.
[Types of Returns]
In cases of “Incorrect Products/Wrong Company Product”
[Accepted Duration for Returns
Refunds will be possible for products if Gmom is contacted within 10 days of reception.
[Method of Returns]
Please request returns and refunds by e-mail. The amount of the purchase price will be transferred to the designated account within 30 days.
Warning Regarding Product DepictionsThere will be individual differences for the way each product works and Gmom can offer no guarantee on the exact effects and benefits for each customer.