Privacy Policy

Gmom Co., Ltd. (Incorporated) seriously recognizes the importance of protecting personal information. We always respect laws on personal information, observe industry norms, strive to properly handle personal information and security management, as well as work together as a company to meet the trust and expectations of our customers.

Gmom will handle personal information in accordance with the following promises.


1. Regarding the Collection of Personal Information

Gmom will only acquire personal information in a fair and lawful manner.


2. Regarding the Use of Personal Information

Gmom will only use personal information for purposes specified beforehand or publicly announced on our website and will never go beyond these ranges of use unless consented to by the customer. Gmom always operates within the boundaries of the law in whichever country concerned.

Concerning the handling of personal information by any third party, Gmom promises to select entities able to properly manage said information and to adequately insure the continued protection of this information. Gmom will remain involved in supervising and managing the handling of personal information to guarantee its overall protection. Gmom will always notify customers in advance personally or through public website announcements regarding such third party entities, and explain the scope of the collaboration in accordance with all laws and regulations.


3. Regarding the Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Gmom will only provide personal information to third parties if it falls under the following.
【1】 In cases with prior customer consent.
【2】 】When the customer is unidentified.
【3】 When forced to share the information by law or by a legally authorized institution such as police or a court.
【4】 In addition to the above, only in legally recognized situations.


4. Regarding the Secure Management of Personal Information

Gmom maintains accurate and securely managed personal information (Personal Data) which is searchable through a database. Additionally, rigorous security measures to prevent unauthorized access, leakage, tampering, destruction or loss of any information. For some sites/content, SSL encryptions have been adopted.

5. Regarding the Disclosure, Correction, Suspension of Usage or Deletion of any Personal Data

In the event of actions taken, such as disclosures, corrections, suspension of deletion of personal data in the companies possession, Gmom will make contact with the customer in a reasonably prompt manner after confirming the customer’s identity.


6. Regarding our System and Procedures

Gmom has appointed a companywide Personal Information Manager. This manager supervises all employees dealing with personal information and leads education and training seminars to help painstakingly protect all personal information.


7. Regarding Inquiries

Gmom strives to take swift and appropriate measures whenever we receive an inquiry or complaint concerning the handling of personal information. Such inquiries are also accepted by telephone or post.


For inquiries regarding our policies, please contact us through our inquiry page.