Strengths of our Product

Lady Care 16, Lady Care 12, Lady Care 8, Lady Care 3

Lady Care is a line of silicone gel sheets used exclusively for postoperative care of incisions. Used after surgeries such as cesarean section and laparoscopic surgery, the sheet covers the affective area and protects it from excessive swelling (causing hypertrophic scars/keloid)

With it’s unique shape (Patent Registered), it is easy to apply, stays firmly in place, and reduces the friction caused by the rubbing of clothes.

Additionally, as it is applied directly to the skin it works well and safely to limit rashes. By manufacturing in Japan, and using an FDA approved, medical silicone gel, we maintain consistently excellent quality from management to manufacturing.

This product was developed to be easy to use and allow for “Beautiful, Safe, Easy and Happy” self care.

Scar Area
The strength of the product is it’s easy to apply silicone gel sheet for postoperative incisions.
Our product limits rashes by using the same FDA approved medical silicone as the United States “Ministry of Health and Human Services” government agency.
With the incredible ability to be used repeatedly after washing with just soap, this is a product friend to all wallets saving customers a lot of money.
Lady Care aims for safety and security. It is made in Japan and patented.
  1. The sheet applies directly to the skin over the post surgical affected area to allow relief and reduce irritation.
  2. The product also suppresses any abnormal continuation of collagen (causing hypertrophic scarring/keloid).
  1. Easy Care by Simply Applying the Sheet Over the affected Area
  2. Easy to Wash and Use Repeatedly
  3. Gently Protects Incisions with a Thick Silicone Gel
  4. Cushioning Effect Using Soft Materials
  5. Adhesive Strength Moisturizing Seal
  6. Our Silicone is FDA Approved, Medical Use, and Difficult to Tear
  7. Patented and Made in Japan
Use Cycle

Lady Care should be applied to the affected area for three to six months after operations with continual monitoring of the area.

Lady Care 16, Lady Care 12, and Lady Care 8, made for post cesarean section use, each have two silicone gel sheets per box.

Lady Care 3, made for post laparoscopic surgery, has six silicone gel sheets per box, all 3cm in diameter.

Please use two sheets (or six of the smaller sheets) on the affected area. Each box is usually usable for around two months, with individual differences. Each sheet can be used until the adhesive becomes too weak. When the adhesive weakens, it is recommended to replace that sheet with a new one.

Contents of Package
Lady Care 16, Lady Care 12, and Lady Care 8, made for post incision surgery, contain two silicone gel sheets in each box. Lady Care 3, made for post laparoscopic surgery, contains six silicone gel sheets per box, each 3cm in diameter.
  1. Product: Special Storage Container
  2. Lid
How to Purchase

 Lady Care Silicone Gel Sheets Specially Made for Post Incision or Laparoscopic Surgery Care are sold at hospital, clinics and maternity wards nationwide

If they are not available at a local medical institution they are available for purchase from our website or Amazon.

For details about the product and its usage, please refer to the Product Use and How To page on this website.