How To Use

Please stick the Lady Care sheet over the incision scar for about three to six months after the operation, keeping a watch on the condition of the affected area.

For post cesarean section surgery, Lady Care 16, Lady Care 12, Lady Care 8 each contain two silicone gel sheets in each box.

For post laparoscopic surgery, Lady Care 3 contains 6 silicone gel sheets with a 3cm diameter in each box.

Please use one piece on each affected area. Each box is usable for a period of approximately two months, with individual differences. Each gel sheet can be continuously used until the adhesive gets to weak. It is recommended to replace each sheet after the adhesive begins to weaken.

  1. Please select the sheet size to match the size of the affected area.
  2. Wipe the affected area clean, wipe off any moisture, and then place the sheet over the area.
  3. Open the box and take out a Lady Care sheet and attach the adhesive side over the affected area.
  4. The adhesive surface will become dirty with usage. Please be sure to wash the sheet with soap around once a day and rinse off well.
  5. After washing the sheet, place it with the adhesive side up in the provided case and allow it to dry naturally with the lid on.
  1. Please use two sheets alternatively.
  2. Each box can be used for around two months (with individual differences). Please adjust the length of use according to the condition of the skin.
※Please keep the sheet on for as long as possible.
※Pulling or stretching may cause damage.
※Adhesion will weaken with use. If the adhesive becomes too weak, be sure to replace it with a new Lady Care sheet.
How to Use Lady Care Sheets

There is an easy-to-use video available.


How to properly remove the Lady Care sheet


How to peel off the Lady Care sheet


How to wash the Lady Care sheet

How to place the Lady Care sheet

取り出し用ヘラで製品の端 をなぞり少し持ち上げます

手で優しく専用容器から取 り出します

傷あとを覆うように貼り付 けます

How to store and dry the Lady Care sheet

石けんなどで製品の粘着 面に付着した皮脂を洗い流し ます

専用容器に粘着面を上にして専用容 器に置き自然乾燥させます