Some frequently asked questions about Lady Care are listed below. Please use this as a reference before contacting us with any inquiries about our products.


Is Lady Care a type of medication?

No. It is a type of general medical supply. For it’s safety classification as a medical instrument, it is deemed a low risk and safe to use type of medical supply, such as a mask or bandage.

What is it made of?

Medical silicone gel is used to allow for safe results.

What is it good to use for?

It has been reported, in Japan and abroad, as useful in both the protection of postoperative areas, as well as for the prevention of the development of hypertrophic scarring. It is also useful in helping relieve pain in such areas. Of course differences will be seen in each case. The ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has classified it as a Skin Barrier Adhesive Plate, which attaches directly to the skin.

Is there any taste, smell, or coloration?

The product is tasteless, odorless and transparent with no coloring.

How many hours each day should it be used?

The longer it is used, the greater the expected positive effects.

What should I do when I take a bath?

As a rule, it should be removed during baths to allow proper washing of the affected area. Please wash both your body and the Lady Care sheet with soap in order to remove any built up dirt that has attached itself to the sheet. However, this does not mean that the sheet must be removed daily.

How can I clean it?

After washing the sheet, please put it in the container with the adhesive side up to air it out. While waiting, please use the other sheet on your affected area (Lady Care 3 comes with another sheet).

Will sweat make the sheet peel off?

At times the adhesive may weaken. In that case, please wipe it off and reapply the sheet.

How long a period should I use each sheet?

Taking into account individual differences, each sheet can be used for three to six months.

How long can I use one box?

By alternating each sheet while the other dries, you can use one pack for about two months. However, this is an estimate only and there are individual differences. Each sheet can be used as long as the adhesive strength allows. It is recommended that you replace each sheet when it no longer sticks well.

Is the product effective on cesarean sections and laparoscopic surgery?

Yes, it is, but with some individual differences.

Can it work effectively on older scars?

If over a year has passed since the operation, no real effect can be expected.

What different kinds are there?

There are four varieties of Lady Care products. Please choose the correct size to match your affected area.

When should I begin using the product?

The sheets can be used once the affected area has been allowed to completely dry and after the scab is gone (Usually two weeks to a month after the operation).

Where can you buy it?

The products are sold at hospital shops and clinics nationwide. It can also be purchased online directly from our company, or on Amazon, etc.

Can I purchase just one sheet?

Since it must be used alternatively while washing one, single sheets are not sold.

Are there any side effects?

Even when used cleanly and properly, slight itching, rashes, redness, or a pimple like rash (acne) may appear. Also, with similar types of products, there have been reports of skin disorders acting up around the affixed area (epidermolysis, edema, blisters, redness, erosion, itching, allergies, dermatitis). In that case, please consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Are there any other precautions needed?

When the skin is not adequately clean, or the adhesive is too strong on the area covered by the Lady Care sheet, a rash may appear. In this case please adjust the amount of time you keep the affected area covered. If symptoms do not improve, please stop use and consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Is it safe to put the sheet over hair?

There is no safety problem with placing a sheet over hair, but if the adhesive does not work well, removing the hair may work better.

My child ingested the sheet by mistake. What should I do?

Please consult your doctor or pharmacist. Since Lady Care sheets can not be absorbed into the body, there is no health danger if the sheet is completely swallowed. However, since there is danger of choking on the sheet, please be sure to keep Lady Care products out of the reach of children.

If the length is no quite right, can I cut the sheets to a better size?

Yes. It is possible to cut the sheets. However, the cut edge will develop a stickiness.

What can I do if the size is too short?

If you attempt to stretch the sheet it will likely tear, so please be sure to purchase the appropriate size.

Is it OK to put the sheet directly onto the affected area?

Yes. Please put it directly onto the area.

How can I remove the sheet?

You can remove the sheet simply by pushing down gently with your finger or by using the attached remover to pull up the edges. However, please do this gently to avoid tearing the sheet.

Is there an adhesive glue used in Lady Care products?

Silicone works as an adhesive, so there is no chemical glue or tape used in our products.

What should I do if the length is not enough?

Please use adding "Lady Care" so that it can cover up to the edge of the wound.

If it is long, can I cut it and use it?

Yes. You can cut it and use it. In that case, please understand that the cross section is also sticky.

When should I start with absorbable suture thread?

About 2 weeks after the operation, please start sticking when the wound is dry.

What should I do if silicone remains on my skin?

Silicone is not absorbed from the skin, so it is not necessary to remove it until it hurts the skin.

What should I do if the adhesive surface is uneven?

Even if it becomes uneven, it will become flat as time goes on. If it has adhesive enough, you can continue to use it.

Should I close the lid and store it?

When the water droplets on the adhesive surface dry, cover and store.